So, I made a new widget for Mac OS X dashboard. The interesting part is that it’s something a bit different from all others, although its minimalist and pretty standard design.

Quoting directly from the included readme:

1. This is something HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL i’ve been working on, so really DON’T TAKE it seriously as it may break your weekend, just go on watching or reading real forecast. The formula (I keep it secret, don’t blame me) I’ve been developing here is also something truly new. I might (or might not) improve its code in the future.
2. Usage: think of this widget as the replica of an old barometer. You set the current pressure in mBs (i.e. millibars), the weather trend (you can get it from the dial of the same, old barometer hanging in your living room or somewhere else) and the average temperature from a daily or weekly range. Then simply click ‘Go!’ and you’re done.
3. You will see now two values: MEDIUM forecast mBs and MEDIUM (NOT season-related nor time-related) relative humidity based on the values you provided, for the next day up to two or maybe three days.
4. The button ‘Re-calculate’ allows you to obtain new values for different conditions given.
5. When you see ‘ops!’ or ‘…out!’ as given values, perhaps calculation exceeded the normal scale of values, i.e. that of any barometer. So, the values you provided are too high or unreal, or the weather trend you have set is not so ‘real’ as the calculation function may expect it. You cannot calculate (obviously) pressure for same mBs and trend values, e.g. 1000 mBs and ‘Rainy’ trend, as it’s obvious at that time that forecast trend will be ‘rain’.

Downloading this:

a) Click here. The widget is available in English only.

b) On upper left corner of page, click on ‘File’, then choose ‘Download original’ and save.

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