This widget was born in my mind just yesterday. The general idea about it comes from long ago….and today I finally made it. It started out from a rather funny (and unreal) question:

Have you ever wondered how far your telescope could ideally view in perfect atmosphere conditions?

This little widget can calculate magnification number for your telescope: you can even compare two telescopes at the same time. Ideal thing, I guess, for dreamy-minded stargazers.

Then, it is able to calculate, in a new manner, the maximum distance your instrument is able to ‘reach’ (ideally) in meters, miles, light-years and AU (i.e. Astronomical Units).

How to download? Simple!

a. Click on this link (v1.1). It will open a new window in your browser.

b. Go to upper left corner in the page, towards that kind of menu bar. Click on ‘File’, then choose ‘Download original’ from dropdown and save the zipped file.

Some notes:

Enter 05 instead of 5 for numbers lower than 10. Also, for European users, use the dot (.) instead of comma (,) for non-integer numbers like 14.5 , 12.5 etc.

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