A fancy countdown-counter for fancy desktops (and big enough dashboards, too).

Every balloon is off when the relative count-box reaches zero. Don’t worry, no boom
or other sudden sounds. Stay quiet, this time!
It has support for iCal events, as all other basic counters made in Dashcode; just paste the iCal url in the Event field on on the back site of the widget. I’ve not tested it fully, though.

So, download it!

a. Click on the link here. (v1.1)

b. On the upper left corner of opened page you should see a sort of menu. Click on ‘File’, then choose ‘Download original’ from the dropdown.

Note that following fonts for widget count-boxes: Engravers MT, Gloucester MT Extra Condensed, Copperplate, Eccentric Std and Times regular (except Georgia regular and Futura Medium which are installed in OS X by default) are not provided with the widget, neither are provided within the pack or a separate one. The fonts above will be displayed only if installed on your computer, otherwise a Times New Roman typeface will be used.

For further notes, please always READ the ReadMe file included in the zip.

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