randomiXer 1.0

Here’s something little I have been working on: randomiXer, the random numbers atomizer widget for Mac OS X.

Some notes:

RandomiXer uses a JavaScript randomization function
I developed separately, named Randomizer.
It allows the user to generate random sequences of 14
elements either in numeric or alphanumeric scheme.
To change these settings, simply double-click on any
part of the widget (except the blue arrow). Once the
settings are changed, click on the reversed blue arrow
at top right corner of the widget.
This can be useful when you need a particularly difficult
password or such and don't have enough imagination
to think about one.

Please make sure to read ALSO the ReadMe file included with the widget.

For further information about the 1.1 update, follow this link.

Download? click here! (v1.1) The link will open in a new window: choose ‘File>Download original’ from the dropdown menu on the upper left corner of page.

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