WetterPond Beta

WetterPond (from the German wetter, ‘ weather’ and… well, a pond is a pond!) is a new, experimental weather calculator for OS X.


Use Tab key or press Command+1, Command+2 or Command+3 to switch between mBar (millibar), pressure trend and temperature fields.

After typing each value in the respective field, press Enter.

When you’re done, press the ‘Calculate’ button or hold down Command and press Shift+C to calculate pressure and humidity for the given values.

To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit scale, hold down Alt and press Command + C or Command + F.


This screen shows current default settings:

Use new formula forces the app to use the latest developed formula to calculate results.

Balance range according pressure‘ does what it says: when calculated pressure reaches certain values, the app does balance maximum and minimum temperature values according to pressure change. Disabled by default.

Humidity corrected forces the app to self-correct the pressure result according to calculated humidity. Useful in certain conditions; this is disabled by default.

1-day forecast calculates pressure values for the next day; to force the app to calculate a medium value for multiple days (and vice-versa), i.e. an average one, uncheck the selected forecast method.

Download it!
Before downloading it, remember this is Beta software.
To read what does it mean and/or to read the License, once the program is up and running, click on ‘What’s WetterPond’ and pick ‘License’ from that.

OS requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or later, preferably 10.6 or later.

Click to download WetterPond 0.70 Beta (.zip, ~ 300 Kb)

If you have any serious questions or concerns, please comment below or contact for feedback.

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