Bun-Tam it! and Fckup! updated

iaupdatesbox (c) L.Marzano 2013. All right reserved.

Great news today! Bun-Tam it! has been updated to version 1.3.1 build 38, which comes with:

  • New event relevancy column;
  • New action to remove selected events at a glance when more than one event is selected (Command+R);
  • New dock icon badge showing the number of events expiring immediately;
  • Many fixes and improvements to GUI and code.

Also, a new updated version of Fckup! is available for download. Here’s what’s new in Fckup! version 1.0 build 24:

  • Added option to check and skip backup if source and destination file or folder contents are the same; if backup file or folder contents are not, missing contents are copied to backup file or folder automatically;
  • Adjusted Preferences window to show itself above the center of the screen in order to be more visible by the user.

If you missed it before, you’ve a good chance to grab it now: Fckup!.zip

Stay tuned!

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