…is a little thing that could help people to write in a familiar space, using HTML5. It runs within Safari (4.0 and later) and only requires Javascript to be enabled for specific tasks.

Download: Italiano, English*

*Please link back to this page only when linking on other sites.

I’d like to thank: Apple Dashcode, as part of Xcode; Eric Martin for his SimpleModal (; jQuery library for making things easier, Dynamic Drive ( and for some of the free javascript scripts I used (, and Mac OS X hints ( for having some free basic bookmarks to work on, as well as, and

It has been a funny experiment, started from a basic Dashcode template, so don’t get angry if something goes wrong… or doesn’t go at all.

Feedback: There’s a so-called Feedback option, located at bottom in the Actions menu. Otherwise you can leave your feedback as a comment below.


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