is a new concept in image viewing.

A minimalist one.       As minimalist apps are quickly spreading through our lives,

allowing to do one task at a time,             with less distractions or none.

It’s only a matter          of you and your pic.  No other frames, only a drag & drop       support.

View it in real size     or reduced,                     to fit your screen.


CameraOscura is simply this.

It’s probably the simplest image viewer on Earth. Ever.

It allows you to do the basic Copy/Paste to and from it.

It allows you to print whole images or just parts of them, when viewed in Real size.

Press Command+R repeatedly to magnify your image, until you reach a single pixel’s garden.

It allows you to see your image within a zero-distraction, black environment, if you want to.

It allows you to cut the menu bar from the screen.

It allows you to keep your Mac awake while you display your image.

And, probably the best part is:

CameraOscura is free.

You can grab it from here. Latest version is 1.3.3.

The minimum requirements are a Mac with OS X 10.7 +.         Intel only.

Click to see what’s new.

Oh, and it’s fully 64-bit, to have enough room space to develop your largest, or just very large, memories.

__ __ __

Feedback? add a comment below or drop us a line.


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