Bun-Tam it!

comes with a clean, tiny interface for a simple, little to-dos management app.

Bun-Tam it! main window - Copyright © 2013 Luca Marzano. All rights reserved.

Not too much, not too less, just what you really need. With our colorful hats, anything comes to life with simplicity.

On the left, a collapsible side view with your hats’ collection: red for events expiring…now! Then urgent ones, next ones and so on… down to distant future, which – at least for us – is green. Click on any hat to see related events expiring sooner (upwards) or later (downwards).

Bun-Tam it! main window - click to enlarge

To add a new event, click on the button with plus sign (+). If you want to use keyboard shortcuts: +N (from menu) or and +.

To remove it, click on the button with minus sign () or and . If more than one event is selected use +R.

To select the first event on the fly, hold down and press Shift + A.

Bun-Tam it! events table

Easy? Yeah, with a bit of creativity inside. Click on any event to change its contents; to set your wedding date, select one or all events and press the space bar. Press +U to select only the first event.

Bun-Tam it! event relevancyWithin the event relevancy column, if made visible from Preferences window, when you click on any white (when selected) or grey hat next to an event, a red stripe will appear on it.

So these events are marked as relevant and are not removed automatically from list by the app until you remove them.

Bun-Tam it! main window - Copyright © 2013 Luca Marzano. All rights reserved.

By pressing the space bar or clicking the long button with clock face inside, a window will pop-up for you to select day and time. Press N key to set current day and time. Choose and you’re done!

Bun-Tam it! main window - Copyright © 2013 Luca Marzano. All rights reserved.


Then, maybe you’d like to clean up your hats’ collection by keeping those hats which really fit you. Click on the geared wheel at the bottom of the hats’ view and pick out those you want and those you don’t want.

Bun-Tam it! preferences window - Copyright © 2013 Luca Marzano. All rights reserved.
And, as it is so simple, you don’t need a bunch of options to get started.

Set if you want to hear a sound, if you want to keep headers visible or if you want to move your to-dos list to a new place other than default.

Bun-Tam it! menu

When you close the main window, your favorite hat goes where is should stay, sitting in your system status bar, ready at your fingertips. 
Bun-Tam it! dock icon badge
The badge on dock icon shows the number of events expiring immediately until you right-click on it and choose Show.

Bun-Tam it! is Full CocoaAnd, last but not least…
Bun-Tam it! is based on the powerful Core Data framework and uses only the purest Cocoa, like all latest native apps for the Mac. It doesn’t use third-party boxes of sweeteners and preservatives, so you can be sure your computer doesn’t eat nothing else.

Though it comes from my kitchen garden, in order to install and use it on your computer you have to turn off Gatekeeper.

Bun-Tam it! logo Copyright © 2012 Luca Marzano. All rights reserved
What are you waiting for? Download Bun-Tam it!
To grab a copy, click here.
Download troubles? Go here.

Minimum system requirements:
OS X 10.7.4 (Lion) or later, 64-bit.

Latest version: 1.3.1 build 38

To view a list of all public releases of Bun-Tam it!, go here.

Additional requirements: As mentioned above, you currently have to turn off Gatekeeper in order to install and use Bun-Tam it!.

License and download information:

The download version is Shareware, i.e. it has not all its features enabled. In order to use all its features, you have to register it. For more information, pick ‘Documentation and License’ from Help menu or refer to Bun-Tam it! EULA that comes within the downloaded package. Please take some time to read the EULA (End User License Agreement) document fully before installing and using the software. Also note that the contents of the EULA document can change without notice and its actual content could be different from that of the EULA document included either with a previous version or a future version of the software.

Shareware version limitations:

  • Startup delay and nag screen.
  • It’s not possible to use a customized path for database file.
  • No status bar menu, i.e. once you close the main window the app quits.

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To fully uninstall Bun-Tam it!:

If you wish to uninstall Bun-Tam it!, you can safely move it to the trash and delete its preferences, but this action will not delete the other files used by the application (i.e. license and database files).
Reach your user’s Library folder, usually at /Users/YourUserName/Library, then open the subfolder named Application Support.
So look for a directory named industriaeautophagicae.Bun-Tam it! and move it to the trash. Don’t move any other thing.

Support – FAQs

Registration code/s

  • I’m experiencing a few problems while registering the app. How to proceed?

The code/s sent to you has to be copied exactly as it is without including blank or white spaces around or inside it. It’s always better to select only the code first, then copy and paste it into the field that appears within the window.

  • And if my code doesn’t work at all?

If this is the case, please contact us. Once the code sent to you is tested again by us and is proven to be not valid, we’ll send to you a new one.

  • And if I experience another problem?

If it is a problem related to our software, please contact us. Please allow up to 24 hrs or the next working day to get an answer. If you still have nothing from us in your inbox, please send your message again through the same page.

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Known issues

  • If you are a registered user running version 1.2 or earlier and delete the app’s preferences file only, your license will be recovered on second launch. So, if this is your case, just quit and launch Bun-Tam it! again.

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Feedback? add a comment below or drop us a line.

Bun-Tam it! has been created and deveoped by Luca Marzano © 2012-2013. All rights reserved.
All image contents on this page, including the Bun-Tam it! logo, the header image and all information that concern Bun-Tam it! are property of the Author of the application.

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