…is always a hat ahead. Hats is a new and easy way to track your personal tasks, day by day, with the simplicity of this page. Starting your day with Hats is as simple as its name.

© 2013 Luca Marzano. All rights reserved.

1 . Click the button.

Hats for Mac: adding task

2 . Add a task.

Hats for Mac: setting up a task

3 . Organize tasks.

Hats for Mac: viewing tasks

. Edit details.

Hats for Mac: task details

5 . Download Hats.

With Hats you can also sort your tasks day-by-day, track the time spent on doing something, all without moving from your menu bar.

Just a few words more: Hats is free.

In order to run, Hats requires an Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.7 or later @64 bit.

Always READ the EULA (End User License Agreement) document that comes with the application before using the same: to read or print the EULA document while the application is running, open the Preferences window (the toothed wheel icon) and click on the License button.
The EULA document comes as a separate document, readable by TextEdit or any other text editor capable of reading RTF format, within the downloadable app package and the application bundle itself, at the path Hats.app> ContentsResources> EULA> Hats_EULA.rtf.

Hats is Full CocoaAnd, last but not least…
Hats is based on the powerful Core Data framework and uses only the purest Cocoa, like all latest native apps for the Mac. It doesn’t use third-party boxes of sweeteners and preservatives, so you can be sure your computer doesn’t eat nothing else.

Though it comes from my kitchen garden, in order to install and use it on your computer you have to turn off Gatekeeper.

__ __ __

Feedback? add a comment below or drop us a line.

Hats has been created and deveoped by Luca Marzano © 2013. All rights reserved.
All image contents on this page, including the Hats logo, the header image and all information that concern Hats are property of the Author of the application.

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