…finally, our apps’ freshness at home!

iAutophagicae main window - Copyright © 2013 Luca Marzano. All rights reserved.

iAutophagicae is like an affordable old-style fridge, a place to keep our apps in a fresh environment.

So, let’s look into the fridge!

iAutophagicae main window - Copyright © 2013 Luca Marzano. All rights reserved.

Getting our latest freshness is super-easy: just click on the icon of an app and wait for the download to finish or for a boring sound to come out. In this case, no updates are available for our apps.

If you don’t have an application installed, you’ll have to eat spaghetti this time. Yes, with tomato sauce. Sorry, no chips. Simply click on the dish and wait for home delivery!

Moreover you can update all applications at a time (+A or use the circle-with-arrow-like button) and obviously can cancel your download while it’s going at any time, using +X. Once finished, the downloaded app is installed automatically.

On the right (the back of the door), you will find information about installed applications.

Please note that the first time, any downloaded application is installed in current user’s Applications folder (located at the path /Users/YourUserName/Applications). Note that this folder is not the usual /Applications folder. If you already have any of our apps installed at another path, the old version will be overwritten by the new one.


iAutophagicae is released as freeware.

Always READ the EULA (End User License Agreement) document that comes with the application before using the same: to read or print the EULA document while the application is running, choose Help > Documentation and License.
The EULA document comes as a separate document, readable by TextEdit or any other text editor capable of reading RTF format, within the downloadable app package and the application bundle itself, at the path iAutophagicae.app> ContentsResources> iAutophagicae_EULA.rtf.

iAutophagicae logo - Copyright © 2013 Luca Marzano. All rights reserved.

Get iAutophagicae now! (Version 1.11, build 26**)

Minimum requirements: an Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.7.4 or later, 64 bit.


** To check the build number of your installed version, click on ‘About iAutophagicae’ under the iAutophagicae menu and take note of the number between parentheses (following version number) at the top of the window.

To enable/disable ‘special effects’:

iAutophagicae features a few ‘special effects’ emulating a real fridge, like ice, motor sound, light and a smooth cold fog. If you wish to disable these effects (enabled by default), edit the iAutophagicae’s Property List file located at


with any text editor capable of editing .plist files. Once opened, change the value of showEffects key from true to false and vice versa if you want to enable them again.

To fully uninstall iAutophagicae:

If you wish to uninstall iAutophagicae, you can safely move it to the trash and delete its preferences, but this action will not delete the other files used by the application. Reach your user’s Library folder, usually at /Users/YourUserName/Library, then open the subfolder named Application Support.
So look for a directory named industriaeautophagicae.updater and move it to the trash. Don’t move any other thing.

Known issues

  • Sometimes after an application is updated or installed for the first time, information about installed applications is not refreshed automatically. To reload application information click on Reload Applications List under the Applications menu (or use +R).

__ __ __

Feedback? add a comment below or drop us a line.

iAutophagicae has been created and deveoped by Luca Marzano © 2013. All rights reserved.
All image contents on this page, including the iAutophagicae logo, the header image and all information that concern iAutophagicae are property of the Author of the application.

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