…notes are human matter again.

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Is a textual note manager.
With a new idea of note.

From basis, the window has been thought for being light, spacious, with enough UI elements in order to write. Nothing else.

A light shade of gray lets you write without becoming blind for a white bright background color.

Colored labels or tags are not necessary. You have only to write down a title and a few words.

Then, QuicklyBlank will take care of your note. As notes work on a daily basis, your note will always be the same until tomorrow. But that’s not all.

Dropbox™ support

If Dropbox™ support is enabled*, you can export your note to your Dropbox folder and see how magically it does save your newest content to your devices as you type.

To send a note to your Dropbox™ folder, hold down the Command Key (⌘) and press D key. A new folder named QuicklyBlank Notes will be created inside your Dropbox™ folder.

*Only for computers on which Dropbox™ is installed and linked to a Dropbox™ account.

Inside that folder your note will be automatically updated as you modify the original one. There’s also an option to send your note to a folder of your choice inside your Dropbox™ home folder, a favourite folder.

By default, this folder is the Photos folder. You can set your favourite folder, if Dropbox™ support is enabled, by choosing Folder Preferences from Send to your Dropbox menu.

Notes browser

Browse your notes from a monochrome flat, clean full-screen surface.

The window stays in its center, the left and right arrows let you to scroll from a note to the following one in your Notes folder.

Below the center, you will find the total amount of your notes and a Find button.

Everything has been developed in order to be simply functional.

To exit the browser mode, keep and drag the note window around or click outside its frame.

You can enter or exit Notes browser at any time by pressing ESC key while Notes window is visible.

Find what you want to look for

QuicklyBlank has a nice ‘visual’ way for searching through your notes: your written contents flow under your eyes giving you an exact idea of where QuicklyBlank is looking right now. Just pop-up the Find Note window (Option++F) and begin searching either by a given date or keyword.

The Find Note window works perfectly together with the usual Find window, so you can immediately use the latter with the phrase or word you were looking for without typing it once more.

QuicklyBlank has also a Quick Find by date feature (Shift++F) which allows to find a note starting from a specified pre-formatted date.

This requires the user to enter a valid (properly formatted) string following the three-letters month (space) day (comma) full year configuration.

Send by e-mail or export

Send your note as e-mail, e-mail with note attached, export your whole Notes folder or simply save a copy of your note as Plain text or Rich text.

To define an export folder, open Folder Preferences either from menu or by shortcut (Shift++,) and modify the selected field. By default, the export folder is set to your Desktop.

…and the full screen magic: light.

QuicklyBlank is the first app to emulate light from a desktop lamp, torch or even a small reading lamp on your writing screen: light color and type is changeable only in full screen mode.

Click on the screens below to see how it looks:

Normal light

Shaded light

Small reading light

Desktop light with shade 

Banker’s lamp with shade

Torch light and shade

Brightness (i.e. opacity) can be changed on the fly by clicking on the geared lamp icon in the upper left of the window:

Move the slider either by hand or using shortcuts. When done, click on the same icon. Once you turn the switch off, light will get back to its default opacity.

…that’s all now? 

Preferences will tell.

The Preferences window is essential. On every startup it is locked to prevent unwanted changes.

Here you will also find advanced options like automatic font size enlargement, limitation of characters number, sleep prevention.

To access a few hidden menus and settings of the app, press Option++N and look under Notes menu. There you can reach the first or last note within your Notes folder or set the notes browser to always show up or not.

While these menus are shown, the notes browser won’t show up to actually let you use those menus.

Always there

Once you close note window, QuicklyBlank stays in your menu bar, so you can quickly call it when you need it.

From this menu you can show your latest note, make a new note or quit QuicklyBlank.


QuicklyBlank supports the new Notifications feature on OSX Mountain Lion. When you close the note window, a notification with the last viewed or modified note is sent to you, so you can quickly view or access the contents of your current note at a glance when you need it, without leaving your desktop.
Note that Notifications are not sent when running Lite version.

And, last but not least…

QuicklyBlank uses only the purest Cocoa, like all latest native apps for the Mac. It doesn’t use third-party boxes of sweeteners and preservatives, so you can be sure your computer doesn’t eat nothing else.

Though it comes from my kitchen garden, in order to install and use it on your computer you have to turn off Gatekeeper.

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Want to download and try it?
To grab a copy of QuicklyBlank, click here.
Download troubles? Go here.

Minimum system requirements:
OS X 10.7.4 Lion or later, 64-bit capable Mac.

Latest version: 1.3 build 1.3.9
To view a list of all public releases of QuicklyBlank, go here.

Additional requirements: In order to send a note to Dropbox™ folder and to keep your notes synced, Dropbox™ must be installed on your computer. Moreover, as mentioned above, you currently have to turn off Gatekeeper in order to install and use QuicklyBlank.

License and download information:

The download version is Shareware, i.e. it has not all its features enabled. In order to use all its features, you have to register it. For more information, pick ‘End User License’ from Help menu or refer to QuicklyBlank End User License that comes within the downloaded package. Please take some time to read the End User License document fully before installing and using the software. Also note that the contents of the End User License document can change without notice and its actual content could be different from that of the End User License document included either with a previous version or a future version of the software.

Shareware version limitations:

  • Shareware version window on every startup.
  • No other type of emulated light other than fixed, bright type with no visible lamp top.
  • Notes saved to Dropbox™ folder are not synced with your current note.
  • You can’t browse your notes, even if the relative setting is enabled.
  • No status bar menu, i.e. once you close the note window the app quits.

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To get help when registering QuicklyBlank, go to the Help menu and click on How to Register the App.

Thanks to a brand new license system which I developed early this year, the license pain reaches its creative peak.

A little robotic toy stays behind QuicklyBlank and other future apps to ensure an almost flawless app registration in three simple steps. It doesn’t get angry if you press the nose repeatedly, though.

Should you have any further question, feel free to contact us.

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Support Topics by argument


Can I open my notes using a text editor?

  • Yes, as QuicklyBlank notes are saved to .txt (plain text) format which can be opened by almost any text editor. Click on ‘Open Notes Folder’ under the Notes menu of the application and your Notes files will show up.

I want to delete a note. How can I do that?

  • If the app is not currently running, you can safely delete a note by moving the selected note file from Notes folder to the trash. However this cannot be done while the note you want to delete is shown by the app: if this happens, QuicklyBlank will make a new copy of the note automatically, so the current note does not get deleted. You should use the ‘Delete Note’ action under Edit menu instead. Please note that the first note in Notes folder and the current-day note cannot be deleted while the app is running.

And if something doesn’t work as I expect? If it’s a bug?

  • Contact us. QuicklyBlank has been developed to be rock-solid, anyway a crash could sometimes happen even in most perfect code. When writing about the issue, please describe exactly what you were doing at the time or attach a Console log describing the crash.


How long does my e-mail take to arrive to my inbox?

  • The License Codes creation takes some time because these codes are not automatically generated. A few minutes to generate and test them to ensure you will not get in trouble with wrong codes, and they will be soon on your way. See also How long should I wait for a reply? question.

Where do I find step-by-step instructions to register my copy?

  • See under the Help menu of QuicklyBlank and click on How to Register the App. This document is also available under the Help menu of the licensing app itself. If you receive a warning message when opening it, please re-download the package again.

That’s great, but…if anything goes wrong?

  • Contact us through Contact page or by e-mail: you can find them at the bottom of the document mentioned above.

And if it’s a bug?

Or anything else?

  • If it does concern with QuicklyBlank (or other apps from us), contact us.

How long should I wait for a reply?

  • As we live in Italy, our clock isn’t exacty showing the same hour of United States or Russia. So, you have to take this into account as also we don’t live always in front of a computer. Expect an e-mail within 12/24 hrs max. If this does not happen, contact us again.

Registered License

Why my personal information are shown inside the Your License window?

  • This is because each Registered License is strictly personal, so it is customized with the buyer’s data. The main purpose of those data is only to personalize your QuicklyBlank copy and to say that’s yours. In fact, you should never give your Registered License to anyone else. None of your personal datas are given to third-party associations or to anyone else.

Is it possible to automatically transfer my Registered License to another computer I own?

  • No. You have to manually register QuicklyBlank on that computer.

How can I ‘unregister’ my copy of QuicklyBlank?

  • If you mean how you can revert a registered QuicklyBlank copy to a Lite copy, first locate your user’s Library folder (Users/YourUserName/Library, hidden by default) then open the subfolder named industriaeautophagicae.QuicklyBlank: once opened, move the folder named License to the trash. Please don’t move to the trash any other folder. This step is recommended when you want to give your computer to someone else, anyway this is really not needed in order to transfer or install a new Registered License onto another computer, as specified in the second Q&A of this section.

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Note: If you don’t want your notes to get lost forever, before uninstalling the application choose ‘Copy Notes Folder’ under Notes menu > Export or, by shortcut, Option+Command+E.

To completely uninstall QuicklyBlank, move the QuicklyBlank application to the trash, then locate your user’s Library folder and delete permanently the subfolder named industriaeautophagicae.QuicklyBlank.

Known Issues by argument

Resetting preferences for QuicklyBlank

If QuicklyBlank has a ‘strange’ behavior or simply does not do what you should normally expect from it, maybe you just need to reset the application preferences or its saved state. To delete QuicklyBlank preferences file, go to your Library folder (hidden by default) located at /Users/YourUserName/Library and look for the Preferences folder. Once opened, delete a file named exactly com.industriaeautophagicae.QuicklyBlank.plist and relaunch the application. If QuicklyBlank is still not working as usually expected, look again under your Library folder and open a subfolder named Saved Application State. So move to trash a folder named com.industriaeautophagicae.QuicklyBlank.savedState and relaunch QuicklyBlank.

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Feedback? add a comment below or drop us a line.

QuicklyBlank has been created and deveoped by Luca Marzano © 2012. All rights reserved.
All image contents on this page, including the QuicklyBlank logo, the header image and all information that concern QuicklyBlank are property of the Author of the application.

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